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Deep Cleaning is Essential for Lasting Beauty We utilize a Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction method (aka “steam” cleaning) because it is the most effective method for carpet fiber producers and carpet mills for its cleaning efficiency. Many other carpet cleaning methods depend heavily on the use of particulate chemicals and solvents that are not easily extracted from the carpet, leaving behind large amounts of residue. Hot Water Extraction utilizes hot water and a high-powered vacuum, which removes the soil and abrasive particles that cause carpet fiber deterioration. This method extends the life and structure of your carpet.

Hot Water High cleaning temperatures remove bacteria and germs that collect in fibers and fabrics. High temperatures kill bacteria and germs. In addition, our high-powered vacuum systems recover 97% of the moisture used to clean your carpet and furnishings, so drying takes only hours, not days.

The Importance of Cleaning Solutions We use commercial grade eco-friendly detergents that have been specifically formulated to eliminate soil from the carpet fibers. We’re constantly training our technicians and testing out methods of how to best remove stains and sticky substances.

We Respect Your Business We understand that you are entrusting us with your property, so treating your business with care and respect is a company priority. We never forget that.


Additional Services

Area Rugs, Interior & Exterior Upholstery, Wall Fabric & Umbrellas

Area Rugs, Upholstery, Wall Fabric and Umbrellas are made up of many different materials and the methods to clean these fabrics are very different. With manufacturers spinning out new blends of fabrics and constantly changing up their dye solutions, it’s not easy to get it right. That’s why we recommend you only trust the professionals when it comes to these materials.