Quality Service

A Focal Point  Stone is often the most expensive and important centerpiece in your home or office. Different stones have different compositions and require specialized methods and care. Never leave your natural stone in the hands of anyone but a knowledgeable and skilled stone restoration professional.

Sand. Polish. Hone.  No matter the stone service you’re looking for, we’re ready and able to make your floors look their best.  Whether your stone requires a full restoration or normal maintenance, we are here to help.

Extensive Training  At MasterCare, we have qualified and experienced technicians that know and understand the special requirements needed to care for your specific natural stone. But we don’t practice and train on your floors. We have about 1000 square feet of all different types of stone floor tiles in our warehouse.  Our research and development is extensive.  We are constantly testing new products and methods on these tiles, always searching and seeking and revising best practices.  We do extensive training on these floor tiles as well, ensuring that our technicians are practiced, proficient and prepared to work with your particular stone.


Additional Services

Natural Stone Walls & Countertops

Whether interior or exterior, we typically recommend an annual cleaning and honing or polishing of your walls and countertops. Throughout the year, dust, grease, grime, water and especially soap can  leave etches or dull the look of your stone surfaces. Annual maintenance brings back their original luster, much like a tropical vacation does for you.