Quality Service

Dirty Grout  In most cases, grout on tile floors is what gets dirty first. Most tile is grouted using sanded grout, which is porous. Virtually anything that is spilled on the grout penetrates into the pores and accumulates, leaving you with dirty and unsanitary floors, no matter how often you clean mop. Even the most aggressive cleaning methods will not totally clean up these stains. MasterCare has a high-powered professional process that can deep clean grout lines around ceramic and porcelain tiles to like-new or better. We will seal your grout with the highest quality sealer available to make it less vulnerable to soil and staining.

Stop the Mop  If this sounds radical, it is.  Mops have been used in every home, school, office, and restroom since their creation. The problem with mops is that they don’t remove the dirt, they just get it wet.  And while some of the wet dirt might stick to the mop, most of it becomes mud and gets smeared across the grout and tile.  Grout is porous. When grout is not properly sealed, the dirty water seeps in and makes a home there.  Dirt that has soaked into grout over time may not be able to be removed. 

We simply request to ask your housekeepers or janitors to vacuum the tile.  After they vacuum, they can mist some disinfectant spray directly onto a Swiffer mop and spot mop any areas that are in need, allowing your tile and grout will be both clean and sanitary. After time you’ll need to have a deep cleaning performed by a professional, but this will help keep the tile and grout clean between services.

High Quality Sealer  When it comes to sealers, we don’t use anything but the best. In order to keep the grout from permanently staining, we make sure the sealer beads up water after application. It not only helps your grout stay clean, but it may prevent permanent damage and soiling as well.


Additional Services

Restroom Tile & Grout Restoration

Yes, it’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it (and we’re really good at it). Restrooms can pack a lot of germs and soil into a very small area. Hence why you have to clean them so often. However, all that mopping will leave the grout filled with dirt. After it’s cleaned and restored, you might just want to eat off of it…