Maintenance and
Protection Plans

One Less Hassle

Don’t you have enough on your plate? We can help.  We work with you to develop an annual cleaning and protection plan to keep your property looking its best within your budget.  Once you have signed off on this plan, our staff simply notifies you about the next service, leaving you more time for more important aspects of your job. We will check in before and after services to make sure the frequency and cleanliness for each item is matching your expectations.

Teaming Up

We’ll be happy to work alongside you staff to make sure your flooring and other surfaces are being maintained the right way. This will ensure your home or business looks great every day. Regardless of your budget, we’ll work with you to find the right plan for your property.

What Services Do We Offer?

Here is what you can expect from our service care professionals.

Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

With carpet cleaning, we determine the amount of foot traffic and soil that enters the building. Other factors such as oils (in restaurants, from coffee makers, etc.) also determine what may be needed. Next we decide how often the carpets need to be cleaned using Hot Water Extraction. Most of our clients have monthly and quarterly maintenance service with Low Moisture Cleans in between.

Marble and natural Stone Restoration and Maintenance

When it comes to your natural stone floors and surfaces, the amount of foot traffic and type of usage play an important role. Marble, limestone, travertine, flagstone and sandstone are relatively soft stones, often requiring more frequent care. Granite is one of the most sturdy stones, and so may retain a brilliant finish for a longer period of time, but it requires specialized skills for its maintenance and repair. Our knowledgeable technicians have the expertise to to restore and maintain all your natural stone surfaces to keep them looking their best. Also keep in mind that if we are maintaining your marble or other natural stone floors and surfaces, the capital expense of complete restoration services may be minimized or eliminated altogether.

Tile and Grout Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance

Tile and grout floors should be deep cleaned on a regular basis. We always recommend that a grout sealer or color sealer be applied to protect the grout from getting stained, as well as making follow up cleaning and maintenance easier.